The JWear Story

JWear is an athleisure brand, focusing on providing your clothing for all kind of movements and workouts. The blend of colours have been picked to enhance your confidence every day. Every piece has been designed for you to wear your workout from the moment you put it on and so on through your day. 

The Jwear Story

Julie, owner of Jwear, has worked within the fitness industry as a Coach for many years, qualified in many classes such as, Yoga, Cycle, Strength training, HIIT & Running. 

“I wanted to apply my experience & knowledge by understanding what ladies want, to give them the confidence to achieve every workout they set out to do. The moment we wake up the armour is worn. I have never had a bad workout wearing JWear, looking and feeling my best” 

Jwear will take you on a journey from Yoga to a strength, then maybe a run and even having that social coffee with friends. The perfect mix between workout wear to loungewear, after all that’s what life is all about…. 

Jwear has the best intentions for our environment hence choosing to protect and respect using organic cottons and recycled fabrics to begin this journey. We have reduced our packaging for all online orders and are using 100% compostable mailing bags. We will only ever improve on this mission. 

Jwear commits to sourcing fabrics and creating wears that provide ladies with their very best day. This is about creating a community of confidence to inspire one-another to get up and move more and move with confidence.

I hope you love Jwear as much as I do.

Julie x