Oraganic Cotton V’s Traditional Cotton

Oraganic Cotton V’s Traditional Cotton


There is no dispute that there’s a huge demand for cotton across the world, with the quickest way of feeding this demand not entirely an environmentally friendly journey. This is how the world works when something needs to be done quickly.. but what do we do when our world crumbles down in front of us, which yes may not be now, but for our children, grandchildren and further generations.

This got me thinking.

A small business is never going to make any major difference in the world to begin with, but if we at least attempt to do our bit and educate others along the way, we will start contributing and influencing creating hopefully a knock-on effect. 

Organic Cotton was my main choice of fabric for all tops in our first ever collection; ‘JWear Your Workout’, a timeless versatile collection, with endless ways to wear your workout every single day. You can shop these products in our online Catalog!

I started educating myself on why using Organic Cotton can make such an impactful difference, whilst researching and understanding the few disadvantages along the way. Not every decision is smooth sailing...

Organic cotton is produced using 100% natural seeds with no harmful chemicals, where as Traditional cotton repeats soil usage with pesticides and chemicals, removing all natural nutrients, leading to an unnatural crop. By not using harmful chemicals on the crops essentially means soil, air and water are completely free of contamination. Surely that's the best, healthiest direction right!?

But what's the downside to Organic Cotton you ask? Well there’s an argument that Organic cotton can use more water than traditional methods. Although, it can also typically utilise this rain water in other ways, i.e. continue to feed other crops on the farmers land and not pass through any chemicals unlike traditional cotton.

I hope I have still got your attention, read the two paragraphs above again, there is always a fore and against, otherwise why would I be writing this?

Traditional cotton is picked in two ways, hand picked or machine picked. Organic cotton is 100% hand picked, so preserves the purity of every fibre in the cotton. I love JWear Organic Cotton tops, my skin feels free, it breaths and I know its full of natural ingredients. 

Right now this has been more about the actual product than anything else but food for thought… Farmers that grow cotton are also growing other crops i.e. food. Now why not repeat the use of the soil, giving the farmers a diverse and healthy business in all areas? 

The price farmers have to pay for pesticides and chemicals are becoming more and more expensive, so how is this sustainable? Are the farmers at any risk? The factories workers, wild life eco system and also the consumer? I can’t imagine there is no risk in this for them and us?

Question is, why do we continue to produce traditional cotton? Another downside to growing Organic Cotton, is that it can be a slightly slower process and with a high demand it hasn’t been efficient. Or is it efficient, and it's US that's the problem? Are we buying unnecessarily? 

My biggest reason to design a brand for your everyday workout that can be wearable in all ways, on all occasions, on your best days and even your reflective days, was for ladies that want to feel confident from the time you wake and wear your workout ‘your armour’ and for this to continue. Being crop top ready is not always possible, therefore designing a brand with this in mind was my main focus. 

‘JWear is for all ladies!’

The decision to design crop tops that are a medium crop or long crop was so that nobody feels left out on our fashion paths that are continually evolving. Are you crop top ready?! Absolutely!

 Organic Cotton is a part of the JWear brand that will remain, I will continue to educate myself to keep working towards the best way possible to do my bit. 

JWear hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and if you do have any questions or would like to chat about anything, please use our contact page or socials! 

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