A Wellness Retreat

A Wellness Retreat

I interact with many people who limit themselves, lots of reasons why… confidence, not sure with where to begin, struggling with inspiration, self belief, stuck in a disliked routine, the list goes on.

Sometimes it begins with just letting go and believing you have much more worth in this life to give it a go, although that’s easier said than done right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not here writing this having never experienced self doubt, however 95% of the time I stick to my own agreement (a verbal one, repeated to myself on numerous car journeys). Of course there are the usual ‘annoying’ and ‘unwanted’ things that crop up in life (as I’m sure we can all relate!), but how we deal with these subjects is mostly down to ourselves.

JWellness Retreats has infact been a venture I have wanted to explore for a long time through my career in Health & Fitness. I suppose having a health issue, ultimately gave me the boost and reminder that I hadn't realised I needed.

There are many retreats out there for all kinds of people, purposes.. I suppose it’s what you are asking for and what your expectation is that helps you decide what is right for you. The web is full of fitness focused retreats, yoga inspirations, what’s the detail though? ‘Can I do yoga?’ ‘Will I be fit enough?’ ‘Will my life output change?

So I took time, I researched, I made lists and I talked and talked until my family were bored of hearing me repeat myself! Why would my retreat be the one?!

Well the answer is, they will be personable to the individual, designed with your goals in mind. It’s inevitable that every individual is going to have a particular focus, so ensuring some one on one time is had both before and during the retreat was key. This will result in a tailored journey for a unique individual, whilst shared with other like minded selves.

They’re designed to either fly solo immersing yourself into a group of new faces, or to bring along a friend/partner. There are no rules to this, it’s just you finding your own way, making decisions that can be guided if needed and supported when asked.

Just by describing a starting point, it will allow a creation of ideas to inspire you, help to apply a level of self belief, breaking or building a routine, amplifying knowledge leaning on others to let go.

I can always guarantee that fitness will be involved (at your pace), alongside holistic time to balance the mind, fun and social interaction, movement but above anything else, putting yourself first.

JWellness Retreats are about those of you who want to build relationships up with yourself and grow. With us you’ll immerse yourself into a special experience, but not a one time experience.

I can promise you time before the retreat to discuss your hopes and during your retreat I promise to deliver your hopes.


Julie x

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